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A New Born Baby!

To learn to live like a new born baby is maybe the greatest challenge we as human beings will ever encounter. To hold the fact of existence with absolute love, like your looking at it for the first time, there’s an innocence and a freshness in that which we all have inside of us.

A joy without outcomes, an intimacy with feelings of fear, abandonment, rejection, destruction which isn’t based on running away or shunning them away. A life without calculations, a heart fully present, eager to learn without distinction and boundary.

To give yourself to the craft of the moment, to the craft of YOU!.. each moment. Where every road leads to life and learning. Where celebrations, quietness, play and creativity are paramount and second nature.

A baby.. that is enveloped and cradled in the warmth of Life! Even as it pours outside the window, We’re Safe!

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