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Life Coaching Process - The Conversation Space

The conversation Space is essentially designed for

Self discovery, enabling one to be in touch with their own highest wisdom and navigate their inner/outer world more compassionately, kindly and with infinite patience.

To reveal the novelty and beauty of who we truly are in every situation.

Retaining our own essence while tuning into the whole and treating the other in the spirit of reality and Love. 

All roads in such an endeavor constantly lead to the heart, and understanding ourselves, our patterns better.

The experience is akin to a wise guide, friend and counsel who helps you look within yourself for your answers with deep calm and clarity 

Revealing the impact our Journeys of life have had, and the sense of greater awe and discovery they help us lead our lives with.

A general coaching process with clients happens over a period of time maybe months and the core purpose is, enabling movement / aliveness and breaking free from old behaviors and patterns which rigidly follow us through our lives.

So that we begin Enveloping ourselves in warmth and grace as we move through our own sacred journey of life


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Heartful and Engaging Gatherings

Holding Heartful spaces and gatherings which support reflection, contemplation in our lives. These are workshops such as Film Therapy, Roots of Relationship all of which are designed to touch, transform and stir something deep inside of us. Browse through the below page for further details.


Fellowship of the Heart

Are three month online Self Discovery journeys alongside friends. Diving inside ourselves in utter honesty, in authentic genuine enquiry to explore the many issues we grapple with and how they play out on the canvas of our lives.These courses are primarily group based, with the spirit of discovery and commitment to share and learn along with the other participants, creating a space of belonging, wonder and love for oneself and the community around us. Look at this page for further details.

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