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About Mithrandir

Our Story - Genesis/Philosophy and Intention

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In the Lord of the Rings, Middle Earth(a fictional universe) Gandalf was often referred to as Mithrandir. A pilgrim and wanderer who could often be counted upon for counsel during times of difficulties. Gandalf was looked upon as a friend who had the highest interest at heart in any situation and aid the unfolding of freedom.That word, struck me and always stayed with me.

In the same spirit, isn’t that what all need at times, in our own lives? Many times through our lives all we really need is a wise friend. Someone who’ll lovingly hold us, reflect us back to our own inner wisdom and Serve as mirrors - an open, non-judgmental environment and listen to us wholly, Just As We Are.A space to go be empty, to be guided, to be counselled in the highest sense of the word which means, to offer, share and partake in the wisdom of life. It doesn’t belong to any one person; it is from the bounty of life. It is in you! It is in me. It is everywhere.

Mithrandir is an endeavor that attempts to serve that purpose. Could a stroll with a wise friend, perhaps shift the course of your life? or bring about a radical shift in your inner orientation ? The nitty gritty challenges and fierce difficulties of life will always demand that we re-examine our ways and open our hearts to greater love and wisdom constantly. Each instant is a call for that.

And Mithrandir is that offering, where we’re free to come with your own two feet. To rant, open up, breakdown and let go of our hidden agendas and look at life afresh with the eyes of compassion and surrender. There is a beauty that only heartfelt surrender can bring, which often happens in the alchemy of intimacy and togetherness.

So come, let us walk. And you may just realize that the wise friend is you after all!

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