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Heart-Based Approach

Film Therapy Sessions

Using the medium of Film to discover the beauty in and around us!

What is it About: 

There are so many movies that naturally give us life lessons; so many characters that help us rediscover the essence and beauty of life, not just inside of us but sometimes around us, close to us.

Theme: An example of a general theme is:

The Alchemy of Relationships: The beauty, challenges and the sense of greater learning and discovery they helps us lead our lives with.

Format: Clips from interesting movies related to the Theme will be played and we will look into where it corresponds in our life and what shifts they bring about through introspection, dialogue and sharing. Along with certain fun and contemplative exercises that aid Self Awareness.

Structure: There’ll be a period of reflection, deeper dialogue, sharing and discussion at the end of either a clip or a series of clips similar in nature for about 20 min. This is to enable invigoration, rumination. The overall design is created in such a way that we viscerally share and process the depth and emotions the film made them experience and how are they applicable to our lives and learning!


Expected Outcomes:

• A deep connection and nourishing of yourself with more energy, inspiration and connection to others in the team.
• To uncover and live in your deepest and highest wisdom a life of authentic communication, fulfillment and gratitude.
• To be more in tune with your community and relationships personally and professionally. .
• Rediscovering play, joy and curiosity in our attitudes to our work and lives.

Group Coaching Sessions

Group Coaching is a process where we gently and kindly raise the underlying issues so that we can can align to the greater vision.

A sustained approach for a period of between 4-6 months which becomes a safe space for us to address the core issues that are bothering us.. It will include to give you a brief picture:


1) Sustained inspiration for the shifts needed in the organization 

2) A warm and relaxed environment to explore the deeper aspects of our's and the organisation's being. 

3) Ample of communication, fun, interaction among all levels of organization creating a space of bonding and belonging. 

4) Handling all the challenges and obstacles that come in the way.

5) Simple, clear and real talk not lofty ideas or concepts to bring about the required changes. 

Programs and Interventions

Module for a 2 day Program

Dear X

This is a sample of how a general program looks like. And of course we are always open reworking, customizing and co-designing together again



       … Together we dive into the heart of Reality

Approximate Timings of sessions

Day 1 and 2 

Some varying themes that are gone into in different time slots of the day. 


9:30am to 11:30am

  • Relaxing Into the Space

  • Context / Introductions

  • Shared Understanding (How)

  • Agenda n Expectations (What)

  • Why are we Here?

  • Learning and Insights from previous day

  • Coaching in teams: The techniques and know how’s of contributing to one another constantly and improve productivity

11:45am to


  • Overview of the Learning Process

  • Space to connect, build belonging through the mediums of a Game

  • Raising Core Conflicts and Issues through the medium of Films.

  • The Work – Tools to be inspired with yourself and your team.

  • The domain of 100-100 Responsibility – The shifting from blame to Claim in our teams.

 3 pm - 4 30 pm

  • The Work – Tools to be inspired with yourself and your team.

  • The domain of 100-100 Responsibility – The shifting from blame to Claim in our teams.

 4 45 - 6 15 pm


Learning to synergize as a team- Cross learning from one another and working together effectively through the medium of Feedback.

  • Essence Writing- Sustaining Momentum

  • Program feedback & Closure

Heart Centered Communication and Roots of Relationships Sessions


Heart centered Communication uses a practical approach of everyday roleplays and the spirit of play and non-judgement at heart, we’ll conduct many experiments in this lab where the object of research is really ourselves, our communication and its impact on our relationships.

In this safe environment of a ‘Net practice’ we can understand what is really happening in the ground of our lives in this most important aspect of communication for ourselves and with the important other. Where are we faltering, when do we not feel like communicating, what do our silences really say, where can we become more honest, how can we find resolution through communication.


On our quest to understand ourselves deeper, we have often seen that our relationships play a key role. If seen consciously, they become a beautiful medium of raw and authentic self-observation and awareness. Our relationships act as mirrors and reflect back to us our belief systems, thought patterns, emotional habits and escape mechanisms.

Conscious intimate communication is the way to bear our hearts in our close relationships, in a very raw and real way. To listen and share with the other in a deeply close and present way, hence the name Heart Centered Communication. That’s what we truly need.

And often times we see that this can be the most resolving and healing. Just in the very act of it..

Expected Outcomes:


  • Working on the core aspects of your communication.

  • Looking into the nuances and the dynamics of our communication and the effect it has on our eco system.  

  • A playful look at that which holds us back in relationships.

  • Learning to hold our centre and Being at Ease through difficult and challenging communications.

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