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Re-kindling hearts to a life of Freedom, truth and  love, through he-art-ful coaching and Truthful transformation

Our Story

At the Heart of it all - What is it really?

A simple company deeply devoted to create loving, contemplative spaces enabling people to be joyous, more Self Aware & Flow through challenges in the journey of their Life by using He-art-ful Coaching in a one to one context and offering engaging Gatherings in a group context

Some Heartful Pictures!

Coachee and Organization Testimonials

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Sayak Mohapatra

I am lucky to have Rohit come in my life. His presence has helped me move towards mastery in coaching. The sessions had all the elements of the heart, body, mind and soul. My exploration in the realm of Coaching in Being started with Rohit by my side. The journey of merging with my self has been very soulful and full of fun and surprises. I discovered my reins by letting go of them.

Rohit Sasvhealli

If there's one thing the entire universe is waiting for, its our own heart's redeeming touch.
Pure, simple and connected!

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